Q. What will I need to use these designs?

A. These are embroidery machine designs. You will need an embroidery machine, embroidery thread, cutaway or tearaway stabilizer, small pieces of fabric for appliques, spray adhesive like 505 for applique is recommended.

Q. Will I receive actual appliques or tshirts by purchasing these products?
A. No, these are embroidery designs and not actual applique patches or shirts.

Q. Can I make these designs on my sewing machine?
A. No, you will need an embroidery machine to make these designs.

Q. Can I change my mind if I decide I don't need these designs after I purchase?
A. No, digital files are not eligible for refunds due to their immediate transfer to your computer and availability of use thereafter. If you have an error with your design, I will be more than happy to fix it.

Q. Besides an embroidery machine and materials, do I need anything else to use your designs?
A. You will need a way to transfer the file from your computer to your machine. Some machines come with USB cables that attach directly to your computer, some require the use or USB flash drives to load the files on from your computer and then insert into your embroidery machine to transfer the design files.

Q. How do I download my design after I complete my purchase?
A. The order will be emailed immediately to you after your purchase with links to download each design. You also can login to your account and download your purchases from your order history.

Q. Why should I create an account? Do I have to?
A. You don't have to create an account, but it is very handy to login and make your purchases so that right after you are done ordering, you can just click your order history and download from there. It also is another place to store your designs for downloading in the future and to check what you have already purchased.

Q. Do you take custom orders?
A. Yes, I love to make custom orders for your projects. Just send me a message and I would be happy to get them going.

Q. How do you make applique patches?
A. To make applique patches, you hoop felt and cutaway or tearaway stabilizer and applique directly to it. Then you trim closely around the applique leaving just a bit of felt to sew around. Pin the patch to the dress or item you are making and sew along felt edge to attach it.

Q. What if my file doesn't work or there is an error?
A. If you have an error or can't get your design to load to your machine, I am more than happy to help you correct the issue and get it working for you.  Try to fix this yourself by deleting the first file.  Turning your machine off and on.  Then downloading the design again.  See if this fixes the error.  If not, I will help you to get it working.

Q. Can I sell things I have made using your designs?
A. Yes, I would love for you to be able to make a profit and run a business using my designs. You may use them to make finished items for gifts, personal use, and items you sell.

Q. What if I don't receive my email with my download links?
A. If you do not receive your order confirmation email, please check your spam folder to be sure it didn't get sent there. If you still do not see it, login to your account and download directly from your order history. If you did not create an account, please call or email us and will get you the designs as soon as possible. Creating an account will ensure you do not have to worry about this issue.

Copyright Statement:

By purchasing you are agreeing to the following terms of use:

Please use our designs to make finished items for gifts, products you sell and personal use.

Please do not use our designs to make cutting, vinyl or heat transfer designs.

Please be kind and do not share, transfer or sell our design files to others. That is stealing.

Please do not use any part of our design to create your own embroidery or digital design to sell.

Please do not use our fonts to make any embroidery designs or digital designs to sell.

Please remember that a lot of time and love goes into each design and remembering that following these rules allows us to continue to do that. Thank you so much for loving what we make and I hope these designs inspire you to create amazing things!